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Why don’t I allow comments? I would like to have comments here, but am not interested in dealing with the negative consequences that doing so would invite. 


Do I feature books sent by the publisher? Yes, but sending me a book does not mean that I will ever talk about it on Devour Lit. I need to have a favorable enough opinion of the book after reading it in order to feature it. 


What genres do you consider? Literary and upmarket fiction, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, memoirs, biographies, short stories, humor, essays, and, of course, cookbooks. 


How will readers know when a book has been sent by a publisher? When I feature a book that has been sent to me by a publisher, I will notate it on the page.  


I have been immersed in the magazine world since 2009, getting my start as the Food Editor for the...


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